About us

Who we are

At PSM we know that every club or event, no matter how big or small, thrives from community support and business contribution. We help find this by building relationships between businesses, the community and the venue. We don't just raise money but help raise profiles!

Most marketing and commercial departments, even in some of the biggest clubs, can always do with an extra hand and assistance in helping find new sponsorship and raising awareness of commercial activity. At PSM we have the time and resources to contact and interact with local and national businesses on a personal yet professional level on the club / venues behalf.

We have assisted clubs at all levels providing various services from selling on club branded products that are designed, created and supplied by ourselves to selling stand sponsorship, stadium pitch side advertising and large screen digital media products.

Why your business?

For local businesses we offer the opportunity to be involved in cost effective and well proven marketing techniques that promote your business, brand and profile to your local target audience.

Whatever your involvement, you will be associating yourself with your local club. This can be either from within the stadium itself or as part of a distribution campaign that assists in promoting the club itself and in turn, promoting you as a business. From club branded fixtures posters, year planners desk, pads and team sheets to offering unique location stadium advertising or digital media products on screens within the grounds, PSM will tailor a package and cater for you so your business can participate in a truly individual sports marketing experience.

How it works

Your capacity as a sponsor is very important and is an integral part of the clubs make-up. Funds raised from these campaigns are used for the clubs future development which it relies upon to keep functioning and attracting spectators and audiences, however big or small. The association with your club and its resources should no doubt enhance your company's profile within the community and gain you company the recognition it truly deserves.

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